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Waterlok LLC, Since 2000

Since 2000, Waterlok LLC has been bottling the purest spring water from the foot of Aragats Mountain in Armenia under the brand name Aparan.

Our goal is to provide pure and refreshing spring water to everyone. Our water comes from Aparan, right at the base of Aragats Mountain, ensuring every bottle is filled with nothing but the best.

About Water

Premium Spring Drinking Water

Our spring water is special because it's collected from a clean, pollution free area. It's not just water, but a
sip of nature's best, brought straight to you.
With modern facilities and a team of about 100 people, we promise to deliver high quality water. We're proud to be leaders in our region and one of Armenia's top spring water exporters.

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For more information about Aparan Water and partnership opportunities, please contact Waterlok at:

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    Beknazaryan Street, 38/10, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia


    +374 10 477444